Dancing at Home During the Closure.

Please find below the names of the dances we have done in class over the past 6 months.

If you want to keep dancing during the class closure, please put the name of the dance followed by line dance into youtube and you will find videos of these dances we have done in class over the past 6 months.

Also, make sure you are fit and well to dance and have a look over these safety instructions before you start.

The Physical Environment

Ensure you have a clear space and are aware of your surroundings.

Move as much furniture out of the way as possible, particularly coffee tables and other low-level furniture to avoid tripping/bumping into them.

Remove or roll-up any rugs that you may tripped over.

Ensure any wires or other trip hazards are out of your new dance space.

It is probably best to get any pets out of the room where you will be dancing.

Think about the floor you are actually going to be dancing on. Carpets can be difficult to dance on as sometimes your feet stick to the carpet which could result in twisted knees or injury to other joints. Also tiled and wooden floors can sometimes be more slippery than thought. If you are sharing your dance space with your household during the class, ensure you know where others are in the room to avoid injuring each other.

Consider opening a window for ventilation if you are likely to get hot.


Wear the shoes you would normally wear when attending your dance class. NOT SLIPPERS OR FLIP FLOPS no matter how comfy they are.

Wear the clothing you would usually wear when attending your dance class.

Ensure you have water (or similar) to hand to remain hydrated during the course of your class.  Don’t attempt to eat or drink whilst dancing.

Enjoy and hope to be dancing with you all soon. x

Beginners 6.15pm – 7.15pm

Kickin off my boots

Tequilla Boom Boom

Pretty Belinda

Rain Dance

MD Honky Tonk

Gin and Tonic

Halfway Hustle

Cowboy Strut

Country Bump

Speak to the Sky

Outside in There Goes

These Old Boots

One O One

Ah Si!

Precious Time

Hey Seniorita

Red Hot Salsa

Ribbon of Highway

Improvers 7.15pm – 8.15pm

The Wonder of you

Cabo Moon

Crystal Touch

Holding Hands Together


Dance Monkey

Green Snakes


Find a way


Heart Body and Soul

The Mexican Way

Just for Grins


Knockin Boots

First Fool in Line

Train Swing

Quando Quando

MD Honky Tonk

World for Two

Bonapartes Retreat

Cherry Bomb

Mama Mia

The Newfie Stomp


Disco Fever


All I am is You

Rip Dip and Flip

Sweet Sweet Smile

Keep it Simple (Easy)

Kaceys Moon


Intermediate 8.15pm – 9.15pm

Sweet Attraction

Just Like Jesse James

Red is the Rose

Stomp Down


Ocean to Ocean

Cherry on Top

Half Past Tipsy

Chicago Gold

Romeo Tonight

My Mary

Floor it


3 to Tango (Alison and Peter)

Never Too Late

Soul Shake

Wow Tokyo


Dig Deep

Rock and Roll Bride

Somebody Like You

Get Wild


Shot of Tequilla

All Week Long

Lonely Blues

Nothing But You

Sober Saturday Night


Heal Me

Blood Sweat and Beer

Lamtara Rhumba

Hustle Me

So they Say Sad Songs (Yvonne Anderson)

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