Benefits of Line Dancing

Benefits of Dancing – (Taken from Later Life Training – Education)

Benefits to the Nervous System

Improve balance both static and dynamic

Improves right reflexes (when you have a trip)

Increased proprioception (messages from the brain to muscles)

Improved vestibular function (inner ear)

Reaction times both simple and complex moves improved

Better body awareness

Posture and gait (stride) improves

Benefits to Muscles

Anyone at any age can respond to strength training (in the case of dancing, it is weight bearing activity ie. body weight)

Bigger muscles means higher blood and this will produce more energy

Benefits to the Endocrine System (Hormones)

Release of growth Hormones during dancing which allows bones and muscles to grow and develop

Decrease in a nasty hormone called cortisol (this is bad for bone development)

Improved response to hormones produced

Circulation improved

Improved intake of nutrients and hormone production

Cerebral (brain) function is improved

Benefits to Bones

Protect against the ageing of bones

Reverse the effects of ageing on the bones

Weight bearing dancing is so good for osteoporosis. This medical condition can be reduced over time to osteopenia a lesser condition or even disappear all together.

As well as dancing, increased calcium and Vit D intake will help bones to grow

Benefits to joints

Improves internal lubrication and nutrition of joints

Lengthens the life of fibres in the joints

Improves elastic properties of the ligaments and tendons and therefore improved flexibility

More stable joints

Increased stride length and gait

Better rhythm and body awareness

Helps to limit the effect of arthritis

Social/Emotional benefits

Increased social contacts

Increased confidence and self esteem

Feel good

Improves mood

Benefits to the brain – (Taken from

It will enhance neuroplasticity

Studies show that dancing lowered the risk of dementia by improving cognitive reserves and increase complexity of neuronal synapses.

It will make you more intelligent

The essence of intelligence is making quick and accurate decisions, Dancing demands speedy decision making and requires instant responses to questions.

It’ll improve your muscle memory

Dancers can achieve complex moves through visualizing movements and hence can help improve muscle memory

It will slow down ageing and boost memory.

Dancing can train up your brain muscles and offers alternative pathways that you can use to access stored information and memories.

It will help to prevent dizziness.

Dancing will help improve the function of your cerebellum which in turn will help to improve your balance and make you less dizzy.

Dancing increase neural connectivity which can be of great benefit to your brain as it ages.

So dance now and dance often. See you on the dance floor!