Glasgow Line Dance Class Levels Explained

The type of dance determines the level of class. It is important to choose the right class for you. Everyone is different and comes to line dancing for different things. Some come to relax whilst others like to be challenged. There should be something for everyone and there is no requirement to progress up the levels.

Level 1 – Absolute Beginners/Beginners

This level of class is for dancers with little or no dance experience or for those who have limited co-ordination and balance. The dances taught are choreographed to suit and the sequences are short in length with easy steps. Usually there is no syncopation, tags or restarts. There is usually no more than 1 turn. This level of class can be very satisfying and dancers can remain at this level for the rest of their line dance participation. Anyone should be able to walk off the street and find this class achievable. Dancers are not absolute beginners for long.

Level 2 – High Beginners/Improvers

Routines are suitable for those with some dance experience and for those beginners looking for a new challenge. The dancer at this level will add more dance steps to those learned in level 1. There may be up to 2/3 turns in different directions and dances will have varying rhythms and tempos. Tags and restarts will start to feature more with more complex moves such as cross body movements eg. cross rocks and weaves etc. At this level, dancers should have some dance experience and basic skills. Even more complex moves will start to feature in the improver dances such as sweeps, swivets and syncopation such as mambos and sailor steps. Dances will have up to 64 steps. An Improver is an accomplished beginner but not quite ready for Intermediate. In other forms of dance improvers are referred to as novice dancers.

Level 3 – Intermediate

This level is for experienced dancers who have mastered a comprehensive range of step patterns and movements. The dances will feature interesting combinations, pauses, syncopation and complex body movements. Tags and bridges will feature more and sequences could be more than 64 counts and have any amount of turns. There is a wide variety of dances aimed to satisfy the experienced dancer in this level. Most social dancers feel comfortable in this class. They like to constantly be challenged. Intermediate dancers pick up beginner and improver dances with ease and tend to have been dancing for several years.

Level 4 – Advanced

This level involves complex dance moves that will push dancers. Can be short routines, very complicated and lengthy or phrased choreography. Good techniques and co-ordination is vital to cope with a change of direction and turns. This level is very satisfying for the accomplished line dancer and will be more like a performance than a social dance.

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