Carlisle 2018

Hi Everyone

Just under 2 weeks to go!! I am very excited!! Please can you look through this information and let me know if you have any questions. I won’t be printing this for everyone (just a select few who I know don’t do online stuff) so please take any notes.

Please find attached

  1. Travel Arrangements and Bus Pick Ups – Make sure you are included at the correct pick up point
  2. Basic Info – this was handed to some folk at class
  3. Table Seating and Room Plan
  4. Dance Floor Etiquette – Please read this carefully especially if you have never been to anyone else’s social before or a line dance weekend.

Sorry if I am stating the obvious but here are a few items you may wish to remember

  • Medications
  • Dancing Shoes, boots etc.
  • Dress up clothes (Black and White) for Saturday evening. Mind you will have to dance in this outfit!! I might wear a dress or dress up. I have yet to decide.
  • Swim Suit
  • Raffle prize (worth £5)
  • My mobile should you need it is 07783 027 757 Send me yours when you get the chance?

I think that is everything you need to know.

See you soon xx